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Aqua Freeze Refrigeration Services

At Aqua Freeze our certified technicians can diagnose and repair all your commercial ice making and refrigeration equipment. We are factory authorized warranty service providers for virtually all major manufactures of ice machines. Including: Hoshizaki, Manitowoc, Scotsman, and Ice-O-Matic. Not sure if your ice machine is still under warranty? Call us with the model number and serial number. Major manufacturers trust us to service their machines because of our expertise and so should you.

We also offer some “hard to find” services such as: walk-in cooler/freezer box floor replacement and door replacement.

Preventative Maintenance Programs:

All manufactures of commercial ice machines recommend their machines be cleaned, flushed and sanitized a minimum of once per year. More frequent maintenance may be needed depending on water condition and environment. Annual maintenance is a minimum. The reason for these recommendation are as follows:

1) Mineral and scale deposits from the water build up in the valve seats, water pumps, etc. causing premature failure of parts. Scale also builds up on the evaporator plates causing more costly problems and inefficient operation of the equipment, resulting in higher energy consumption. Cleaning and thoroughly flushing the machine manages these problems, ensuring you will get the full life expectancy, less repairs, less down time, and energy savings.

2) Health and food safety. Mold, mildew and slime tend to grow on the interior surfaces in the ice machine and ice storage area. Certain molds can be hazardous to your health, causing sickness and disease. The sanitizing procedure eliminates these problems, ensuring that you are serving clean safe ice to your customers. We are Ice Machine Specialists and we can tailor a preventative maintenance and sanitizing program to fit your unique needs. For our clients convenience, any preventative maintenance program can be scheduled during off hours, nights and/or weekends at no additional charge.

Preventative Maintenance:

Keep your commercial refrigeration equipment good working condition. Don't lose money on lost inventory and excessive repairs due to equipment failure. This can be prevented simply by doing routine maintenance on your coolers and freezers.

If you are in need of sales, service, installation, preventative maintenance program or require any other commercial refrigeration service please contact us at 215-880-1598.

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